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What information can be obtained from the PPSR search?

PPSR is the register of properties in Australia, more accurately the Personal Properties Security Register. It is used by hundreds of our citizens every day, people like you and me, buying a used car or a property. It is important to take care of your safety when dealing with the used goods. Personal Properties Security Register can give you important information on the goods/property history. You should ask for a PPSR search if you are about to buy a used car, boat, land, house, trailer, shares, caravans, motorcycles etc.

What is PPSR search?

PPSR search is the best, most reliable and affordable way of obtaining information crucial to making a good decision when buying a property or a used good in Australia. It includes stolen good record, financial overview, written-off report, and odometer and registration details and provides VIN validation. The information provided by the seller might not always be accurate. This is why the Personal Property Secure Register search is the best tool for used goods buyers. It is rather simple to obtain PPSR reports. All you have to provide is the VIN number. You can ask your seller to give you the VIN or you can look for it yourself on the vehicle. Your reports will be available shortly after your request and payment.

What information can you get from PPSR search?

The PPSR search provides lots of useful information, including:

-          Loan or debt status of a good / property;

-          Overall finance check;

-          Stolen status check;

-          Registration data check;

-          Previous damage information;

-          Legitimacy of manufacture date;

-          Potential business partner financial status (regarding debts).

Who can benefit from the PPSR search report?

Here’s some interesting data for you:

-          One out of 16 used cars is found to have been damaged in the past,

-          In Australia, one car is stolen every ten minutes;

-          False odometer data occurs at 1% of tested vehicles;

-          One out of six cars are parts of loans or debts

-          One person out of five pays more than the real market value for their used car.

Frauds are all around us. If you don’t want to be part of these statistics, benefit from the PPSR search reports. These benefits include:

-          Detecting odometer discrepancy before you buy the vehicle;

-          Market report will help you lower the price;

-          Detect expired registration;

-          See if there are any loans related to the goods;

-          Get a stolen car check;

-          Get a Write-off report;

-          Get a genuine Green Star Rating information;

-          Get a Warranty Report.

PPSR search is a versatile and useful tool when it comes to fraud prevention and securing your investment. As many people in Australia have been fraud victims, mostly related to second-hand cars, each self-aware citizen must ensure a safe purchase, true data on car history and car future. This especially refers to encumbered vehicles or hidden past damages caused by collisions or floods.



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