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I learnd BnS pvp in 2-3 mont

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Man, in some way I believe u are wrong. I ll start with, clear, images, guy u need to know that we are in 2018, rtx is outside, you will find fresh standards.second I don't think that rpg element is exceptional in rune scape, I have identical expertise in eso such as. Third, Runescape is to grind that is considerably with RuneScape gold, and it is sooooo bothersome to grind through quests, what say are unique, together with aye. I feel like we're desperate for mmo rpg such as Runescape at 2018-2019 or in last 2020 using supirior graphics, gameplay, and match feel overall in case it makes sense,therefore guy I respect and acknowledge ur view in this vid, but one thing I ask is to react to my opinon. ) ?

He spoke about the images lol just think of it as retro as for grinding meh if your optimize ur time can max an account in less then a year with appropriate methods well battle stats not skilling maximum. I play for PvP it is a rush since I tribrid and it requires a lot of skill sadly pvp community is dieing because the skill gap is to large vet players rejoicing anyone trying to get into pking and to make it worse much shit talk the brand new player and they never attempt pvp again.

Well man ill start with that I know ur comment. So first un admit that images are outdated. Seconde, for me, one year is A grinde for game with outdated gameplay and graphics. Sure game has good, in some case ideal Rpg elemnt, however it's (exuse me)2018. + Pvp is tough for beginers, such as I learnd BnS pvp in 2-3 month and It has (somehow,gameplay)supirior pvp than in RS.the matter around PvP is individuals give up in 1 day because u eliminate money I had been sht in tribrid but took me like 2-3 weeks to acquire good then got better over time venge pking took me only 1 week to acquire good as for the grind look up this show OSRS 1 hour a day a guy has a string where he is maxing an acc playing just one hour per day.So if un psychologist that year I said by playing say 2-3 hours a day it won't take a year lol there is people who get max melee stats 99 att str Def in 3 weeks without so much as playing lol afk guthans in nightmare zone.

Finally when the I want dios stand(frozen in time) shut up they can make a images poll and find some updated graphics like 2009 rs to make it look more appealing but for now with the community's mind place these images are here to stay. I was raised with them and tbh to get that retro feel I adore them it was all about game play to buy RS gold. Here's no way to get exactly the very same rs feel should you change the way the game operates look at Runescape3 for an example New battle system killed the sport and skilling requires no time at all and is no more an achievement.



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