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How to buy PoE Currency using PoE Trade

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Unlike other online RPGs, Path of Exile has no in-game infrastructure to facilitate transactions with other players. There are no auction houses to browse, so the only way to trade is to find someone in person and trade with them manually. This is a very standard interface, in which you can drag items from inventory to the transaction window, which requires both participants to reach an agreement before the transaction is completed.

To find out what other players are selling, use The tool is built into the path of exile website and allows you to search for items marked for sale by other players.

Here is a brief overview of how this process works:

Use to find poe currency that interest you.

Click the "whisper" button next to the seller's name.

This copies a string of text, which you can then paste into a chat window in the game to automatically send a message to the player that you want to buy the item.

If the player is online, they will send you a message and usually invite you to enter their hiding place for trading.

Make sure to bring money into stock with you.

In their hiding place, close the deal.

Most of the time, the only thing worth mentioning is the 4 jewelers on 1 melting orb . Otherwise, I would do things like buy opportunity orbs from time to time, and then when I need to buy from other suppliers, I'm exhausted because it's faster than finding someone who can buy opportunity orbs .

In addition, another ingenious skill is never to pick up the scroll of wisdom. Instead, only a pile of scrap from a blacksmith or armor maker is used to exchange the scroll of wisdom with the vendor . This way, you won't waste too much time picking them up, and you can still get all the scrollbars you need.



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